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Guns ‘n Roses Slot

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Guns ‘n Roses Slot

The 2015 London ICE iGaming event surprised many people who follow trends in the online slots and gaming world. One company, NetEnt, announced their new Guns’ n Roses slot game – this caught everyone off guard!

Guns ‘n Roses Gameplay

NetEnt is a master at what they do, and this 5 reels 20 payline slot only proves that their industry-leading skills have never gone unnoticed. With as many bonus rounds in the Guns’ N Roses game as there are songs on an excellent rockstar music compilation album from 1985-2017 (I know because I own all of them), you’ll be playing until your eyes bleed or rely solely on sound effects to keep up with gameplay!

About Guns ‘N Roses Slot Online Slot Game

Guns’ n Roses is one of the most iconic rock bands in history, and their slot has been designed to pay tribute to them. The game features three different modes, each based on an aspect or character trait that reflects what this group stood for: death row inmate Axl Rose as you try your luck playing bass guitar with some other great musicians such as Slash from METALLICA; guitarist Brian May performing his magic tricks while also showing off how he can play both sides if conflict without ever picking up a gun itself (this might be referring specifically about “We’re going out tonight”), alongside Micky MickeyModule Dean Mal sexuality proud dad who would do anything.

Guns’ n Roses online slot has delivered on the overall design and animation. This makes it not only smooth and enjoyable to play but visually appealing as well!

The slot machine is set against the panorama of a crowd standing in front-and you as if it were your concert stage. The idea behind this game? To become just like those famous rock stars we all know and love: guitar-slinging extraordinaire Gun’N Roses! When landing wins on our reels…you guessed right – there will be some fantastic music celebrating YOUR victory (whether they’re rocking out or not).

Guns’ n Roses slot machine has some of its most impressive symbols. The stacked appetite for destruction and expanding wilds are all well-designed with an animated style that can be seen from afar as one reel fills up on its own accord!

Guns ‘n Roses Gameplay

Play the slot game Guns’ n Roses to win big! Choose your bet size, minimum coins per line and spin for some exciting wins. This 5 reel machine has three words which guarantee at least 20 paylines that will always stay active during play – no matter what you choose or how many times it takes until all bets have been placed on each of these lines. The first step as soon you decide to become a player in this popular American rock band’s history is deciding upon their coin size: There’s from $0 up 1 dollar max, so whichever suits best with how much time we’ve got left after choosing our wager level (the number of slots played).

Guns’ n Roses has two types of symbols; the high-paying ones, which are represented by Axl and Slash, while Duff McKagan counts as one. Low-paying tokenized assets include 10s through Aces. There’s no question about it – these guys know how to make an entrance! The lead guitarist for Guns N’Roses is known around our world not just because he rocks out on guitar but also due to his interesting personality that spills over into every aspect.

Guns’ n Roses’ wild symbol is an image of the band logo, which goes berserk on behalf of its substitutes. When completing winning combinations, it expands to cover every inch available to celebrate your wins with you!

In-Game Features in Slot Machine Guns ‘n Roses

Guns’ n Roses could easily make their way into America’s Top Hot 100 Hits as any single from the Appetite for Destruction album. This is partly because of how plentiful they appear in the game, with six bonus games to be found throughout it!

  • The bonus wheel game is triggered when you land three bonus symbols on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels
  • The crowd pleaser bonus round is a 3 tiered pick and click game. You click on a symbol to reveal your cash prize.
  • The encore free spins feature where one of the band members appears as an overlay stacked wild symbol on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels
  • You’ll also be treated to a preview of how impulsive rock ‘n roll is thanks to the randomly activated Appetite for Destruction bonus game. The symbol for this is the shape of a cross, which pays homage to Guns’ n Roses first album cover
  • There’s also the legend spins feature that will award you with three free spins, with band members appearing as stacked wilds across the reels
  • Lastly, expect the solo multiplier feature which becomes active when you have three matching symbols in a winning combination. During this game, the fourth reel will spin, adding multipliers and cash prizes!

Rock ‘n Roll With Guns ‘n Roses!

Guns’ n Roses slot is all about the band, Guns N’ Roses. This video casino game has plenty of bonuses, with each one offering something different! You can play this free version at one of our top-rated operators before committing any real money to it so that you realize just how good these guys are when they’re not living out their Axl Rose dreams by playing slots for fun instead.

Let’s show this crowd what we got! We’re going all out, and you should too. Rocking out is not just for concerts anymore – it’s a lifestyle.